LISTEN: Charles Barkley Rips Into “Idiot” Athletes Who Refuse to Get Vaccinated

This week, the New England Patriots released unvaccinated quarterback Cam Newton. Newton had lost his job to Mac Jones fair and square. And though the team denies it, the vaccination status was likely a factor in their decision to cut the quarterback.

Other athletes who have refused to get the vaccine made their teams. But with so many regulations in place, it is likely that they will hurt their team at some point. During a recent interview, NBA Legend Charles Barkley ripped into those players calling them selfish idiots.

Barkley made the comments during an appearance on the Mike Missanelli show. He said of professional athletes, “For us to be selfish and not trying to help the world get back where we can take these stupid masks off and go out to dinner in a full restaurant, I just think it’s selfish.”

The former NBA star continued, “I’ve heard these idiots talk about chips in it, and I heard people talking about [the government] wants to follow us around. They can follow us around anyway. Everybody got a cellphone. And first of all, what are you doing that you’re worried about people following you?”

You can listen to the full interview here

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