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Listen As Don Jr.’s Call Mysteriously Drops When He’s Questioned About Trump Tower Meeting

Listen As Don Jr.’s Call Mysteriously Drops When He’s Questioned About Trump Tower Meeting

After Donald Trump admitted on Twitter that his son’s meeting with Russian operatives at Trump Tower was not about international adoption after all, but to get dirt on Hillary Clinton, Don Jr. was interviewed on Fox News to discuss the meeting. However, when asked to explain the meeting, Don Jr.’s phone suddenly cut out.

Don Jr. returned to the call later to claim that the meeting was a distraction. He also continues to claim that, despite Trump’s admission, the meeting really was about adoption, but turned out to be a ‘bait-and-switch.’

Watch the clip below:


Quick analysis:

The question of whether Donald Trump knew about the meeting in advance, and what the meeting was about, is one to which the answers keep changing. Previous testimony from Trump Jr. has declared that the meeting was about reopening adoptions of Russian children to American parents. On Sunday, however, his father tweeted, saying that the meeting was about getting dirt on Clinton.

This was a meeting to get information on an opponent…

Trump further suggested that because no relevant information was obtained, the meeting is irrelevant.

In the clip above, Laura Ingraham presents the question to Don Jr., asking if he has a comment on the contradictions. The call suddenly drops.

In the interval, Laura Ingraham repeats the false claim that Clinton is responsible for the Steele Dossier, a collection of information on Donald Trump. In fact, the New York Times reports that the research by Fusion GPS, the company that hired Christopher Steele to look into Trump’s background, was initiated by a conservative website funded by a major donor to Marco Rubio’s campaign. Clinton’s campaign didn’t come into the picture until later.

She mocks liberals for thinking the meeting “with a two-bit lawyer” matters, and groans “oh, Russia collusion” in a mocking tone before Don Jr. returns to the call. She prompts his answer with a few more lines about how Clinton’s activities are apparently worse, then Don Jr. gives his rambling answer.

It’s sort of the cycle of the media narrative. The other stuff isn’t sticking so they’re back now. Tomorrow they’ll be back on the 25th amendment. And literally nothing’s changed, forever.

They don’t talk about, you know, sort of the genesis of that meeting, and then these people we’re dealing with, Fusion GPS, before and after the meeting, etcetera etcetera. Like I said. It was a twenty minute meeting, it ended up being about, essentially, nothing that was relevant to any of these things, and you know, that’s all it is, and that’s all theyve got, and that is, I guess, the ultimate distraction from what’s really going on in this country, which is, you have a Republican president, a very conservative president, who’s getting stuff done and they can’t handle that.

They will do anything they can to try to stop that, to try to block that, and try to prevent that from happening.Uh, so, you know, this is just another distraction, and when, again, after two years, uh, ah, of non-stop investigation, with everyone in the media, everyone in the FBI, everyone in the — whoever, it’s the whole worldis looking at this and they have yet to produce anything that even remotely resembles what they’ve been talking about.

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Ingraham asks, “Donny, did the issue of adoption — it’s near and dear to my heart because I have two Russian adopted sons — did that come up?”

Don Jr.: “When?”

Ingraham: “In the meeting, with [Russian lawyer Natalia] Veselnitskaya.”

Like I said, that was the primary thing that we had spoken about! In-in the meeting. That’s not the premise that got them in the room. And then they started, you know it was essentially, it was a bait-and-switch to talk about that And everyone has basically said that in testimony already. I mean, so this is nothing new.

Well, everyone except Donald Trump Jr.’s dad, the President of the United States, anyway, who openly says it was a meeting to get dirt on a political opponent. Whether Don Jr.’s phone connection really had a timely glitch, or he decided to grab a quick minute’s legal advice on his answer, or just had to think about it for a moment, the fact remains that the so-called ‘liberal media’ isn’t the one contradicting his testimony — it’s his own father.


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