Lisa Murkowski, Other GOP Senators Call for an End to Shutdown

The government has been shut down since December 22nd, largely because the president would like to build a border wall. Last night, Donald Trump made his wall pitch to the nation in a televised Oval Office speech.

Ken Shipp

If Trump is to eventually win this battle, he cannot afford any Republicans to defect from his cause. This line, however, is becoming harder to hold as GOP lawmakers are hearing from their struggling constituents. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AL) is now calling for an end to the government shutdown.

Murkowski feels that it’s time for the government to reopen some necessary agencies. She told reporters, “I think we can walk and chew gum. [I am] amenable to a process that would allow for those appropriations bills that have concluded some time ago that they be enacted into law — whether it’s the Department of Interior or the IRS. I’d like to see that.”

Murkowski does stand as somewhat of a more independent Republican. She voted against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and had also voted against the Supreme Court Nomination of Brett Kavanaugh.

The Alaskan Senator, though, is not the only Republican who’s patience is being tried by the length of the shutdown. West Virginia’s Shelly Moore Capito said, “I think certainly I have expressed more than a few times the frustrations with a government shutdown and how useless it is. That pressure is going to build.”

The specter of the 2020 elections are also having an effect on how some Senators view the shutdown. Colorado Cory Gardner called for an end to the close of the government nearly a week ago. Maine’s Susan Collins also split from the party early on. Both will be facing difficult challenges in the next election cycle.

These defections could cause Trump to return to the negotiating table soon.


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