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Lisa Murkowski Isn’t Worried About Trump Threats, “It’s Just Idle Words”

Lisa Murkowski Isn’t Worried About Trump Threats, “It’s Just Idle Words”

By the time Donald Trump became president, most of the Republican lawmakers who had criticized him had changed their minds. Lindsey Graham, who said he would destroy the party, became one of his most ardent sycophants.

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Lisa Murkowski was one of the few GOP senators who would consistently stand up to the former president. In retaliation, Trump has thrown his support behind a 2022 primary challenger named Kelly Tshibaka. During a recent interview with Alaska Landmine Radio, the senator didn’t seem worried about the threats.

Asked if she thought Trump would campaign against her in Alaska, Murkowski answered, “you know he’s threatened to. He’s threatened to do a lot to those who have stood up to him. And sometimes there’s some carry through, and sometimes maybe it’s just idle words or idle threats, but I can’t let that influence what I do and how I do it and who I do it for.”

The lawmaker continued, “At the end of the day, I’m not doing this job because I want or need the title, I do it because Alaskans have given me their support and have asked me to do the best job that I can and the best of my ability and to stand up with an independent voice.”

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Murkowski closed her comments, “I think one of the things that I’ve learned is that none of the races that I’ve been part of have ever really been easy or ordinary — it will probably prove to be much, much along those lines. I know that former President Trump is skeptical about me, and the job that I do for Alaska, but I really think that that’s for Alaskans to judge.”

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