Lindsey Graham’s Likely 2020 Opponent: Graham should ‘be Hannity’s co-host’ rather than a U.S. Senator

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An opponent has emerged for Lindsey Graham’s South Carolina Senate seat, after Democrat Jaime Harrison announced a few weeks ago that he has formed an exploratory committee to challenge Graham’s seat in the 2020 election.  Last week on Episode 6 of KrassenCast, Harrison confirmed that he hopes to launch an official campaign sometime in the near future.

During the interview, which is now available on iTunes and Youtube, Harrison told KrassenCast that he is fed up with the changing faces of Lindsey Graham.  Comparing Graham to a chameleon, Harrison questioned Graham’s integrity and why he constantly changes his positions when it comes to his allegiances to President Trump.

“This is a guy who has no core convictions,” Harrison said of Graham. “He grounded himself with John McCain because he felt that was a way to keep him relevant.  When John McCain passed away, he latches onto the next person who he believes keeps him relevant. This is also the same guy, that I am told, would camp out at the White House all the time when Barack Obama was president. How in the world do you go from calling [Trump] a ‘racist xenophobic bigot, and now you can’t wait to have tee time with him, or get out on the golf course.”

In the interview, Harrison criticized Graham’s support of Trump’s border wall, as well as his evolving stance on the rule-of-law.

“He used to be pro-rule-of-law, but he’s thrown all that out of the window and that is because Lindsey Graham doesn’t care about the people of South Carolina.” Harrison told KrassenCast. “He only cares about his own relevance, his own importance, and his connection to power — even if it’s make-believe power, and that’s to the detriment of the people who send him to Washington D.C.”

Harrison believes that Graham doesn’t actually care about the values and needs of the people living in his home state of South Carolina, but rather the attention that his position within the U.S. Senate, brings him.

“He’s on TV, or has a microphone in his face every other day,” Harrison said. “This is a guy who loves being on television, loves hearing himself talk, and I just wonder; if you are on TV so much, why don’t you just get one of these contracts with Fox News and you can be Sean Hannity’s co-host, and let’s leave representing the people of South Carolina to somebody that is serious about representing the people.”

The entire 20-minute interview can be heard in Episode 6 of KrassenCast, now available on iTunes and Youtube, as well in the video below:

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