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Lindsey Graham: Why Didn’t Jacob Blake Yield to Officers?

Lindsey Graham: Why Didn’t Jacob Blake Yield to Officers?

On Sunday afternoon, Kenosha, Wisconsin police officers shot an unarmed black man, Jacob Blake, in the back 7 times. The shooting happened in front of Blake’s children. Yesterday, the parents of the victim said that he is now paralyzed from the waist down.

Photo by CARLOS BARRIA/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Unsurprisingly, the shooting has led to protests and unrest in the state of Wisconsin. And the response from Republican lawmakers has been typical. On Tuesday, Lindsey Graham wondered why Blake didn’t just follow the commands of the police officers.

Speaking to reporters, the South Carolina senator said, “I don’t know what happened there. Let’s find out. It’s dangerous being a cop. β€œI don’t know why the gentleman didn’t yield when he was asked to yield. I don’t know what the facts are.”

Graham also talked about George Floyd, saying, “Police are not above the law. There are places where police act with impunity. This is not one of those nations.”

The South Carolina senator’s 2020 opponent, Jaime Harrison, was quick to respond to his comments. Harrison tweeted a video of Graham’s comments, writing, “Walking away from the police is not punishable by death.”

Harrison and Graham are locked in a very tight battle for a South Carolina senate seat. Polls show the challenger to be within the margin of error and Quinnipiac recently declared the race to be a toss up.

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