Lindsey Graham Wants “War” As His Poll Numbers Shrink

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham says he wants to go to “war” with Confederate statue protesters. Graham made the declaration during an appearance on Fox & Friends on Friday. Graham declared that those who want to remove Confederate statues are really the ones who “hate our country.”

Graham stated, “We’re at war with them politically. . . The people doing this hate our country. They hate the way we were founded. They hate capitalism. They have no respect for religion. They have no respect for diversity of thought.” He went on to defend the Confederate states who tried to overthrow America and maintain slavery. He said, “These people are the most radical people known to America . . . They want to destroy America.  They hate America, and every symbol of our country, from our flag to a statue. They hate. They want to turn us into a socialist nation. They want to destroy the family unit as we know it.”

Graham added, “You may not believe you’re in a war, but you are, politically, and you need to take sides,” he said. “You need to help this president.” He made the comments after polls show he is dropping fast. His opponent for November is a black Democrat who is gaining in popularity. Cornel Belcher may have an explanation as to why Lindsey Graham may be losing all of a sudden. He said talking to The Washington Post, “There is not a more successful political strategy in the history of American politics than the southern strategy: this ideal of pitting poor whites against African-Americans and tribalizing our politics. When Trump says he’s going to give you back your country, he’s playing to that racial animosity and fear. What’s different today? What’s different today is the upward of 70% of Americans think racism is a problem in this country.”

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