Lindsey Graham Vows To Push William Barr’s Nomination Through The Judiciary Committee

Sen. Lindsey Graham released a statement on Friday saying he will push William Barr’s nomination through the judiciary committee. Graham, a Republican, will likely be the next chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

William Barr Lindsey Graham
Photo Credit Gage Skidmore

Graham made his intentions known in the statement, saying, “President Trump made an outstanding decision in nominating William Barr to serve as the next Attorney General.”

The Republican Senator added, “Mr. Barr is highly capable, highly respected and will provide new and much-needed leadership for the Department of Justice.”

Barr has been critical of Robert Mueller’s investigation. The Washington Post reports that Trump pressed Barr on what he would do with the Mueller investigation, including whether or not he would recuse himself. According to reports, Trump appears to want Barr to send Mueller’s investigation in another direction.

Given that report, Trump’s latest AG nominee probably won’t do Mueller’s investigation any good. And Lindsey Graham appears to be perfectly happy with that. The South Carolina Republican said in his statement:

“I will do everything in my power to push him through the Senate Judiciary Committee and onto the floor of the Senate for eventual confirmation as soon as possible.”

Sen. Graham also praised Justice Brett Kavanaugh in September after he was accused by multiple women of sexual assault.

If he’s confirmed, William Barr will replace Jeff Sessions, who was forced to resign in November.

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