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Lindsey Graham Urged John McCain To Hand Over Russian Dossier To FBI

Lindsey Graham Urged John McCain To Hand Over Russian Dossier To FBI

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) informed reporters on Monday that he urged late Senator John McCain (R-AZ) to give the FBI a dossier composed by a former British spy, which heavily detailed potential connections between Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and the Russian government.

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After telling CNN reporters that he’s told President Trump that his longtime friend “deserves better” than all the horrible attacks Trump has been leveling at the deceased war hero, Graham publicly acknowledged he had advanced knowledge of the dossier that enraged President Trump. However, it seems McCain’s role in the dossier was limited.

“I told the President it was not John McCain,” Graham said. “I know because John McCain showed me the dossier. And I told him the only thing I knew to do with it, it could be a bunch of garbage, it could be true, who knows? Turn it over to somebody who’s job it is to find these things out and John McCain acted appropriately.”

When pressed further about the dossier, Graham said that he put it in a “safe” the day he received it and turned it over to the FBI the next day.

“And I understand that, clearly people are in the McCain world that did some things inappropriate but it was not John McCain. John McCain did not give it to anybody in the press, he talked to me just as soon as he got it, and he turned it over to the FBI and that’s exactly what he should have done.”

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President Trump has yet to react to these revelations by Senator Graham.


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