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Lindsey Graham: The Whistleblower is From the “Deep State”

Lindsey Graham: The Whistleblower is From the “Deep State”

As pressure from the congressional inquiry into Donald Trump continues, the GOP defense becomes more clear. One of the key strategies continues to be knocking the whistleblower who’s complaints began the investigation.

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Senator Lindsey Graham, previously a critic of Trump, has become one of his most ardent supporters. While speaking with Fox News n Sunday, the South Carolina senator assured viewers that the complainent is from, “the deep state.”

Graham first bashed the head of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff. He said, “when you find out who is the whistleblower is you will find out it’s somebody from the deep state and had interactions with the Schiff and this thing’s going to stink to high Heaven.”

The South Carolina senator also said that Democrats are hiding the identity of the complainent to protect themselves. He continued, “the only reason we don’t know who the whistleblower is [because if hurts them]. They are not trying to find the truth here.”

Graham then incorporated theories about both former CIA director John Brennan as well as Carter Page. He told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo, “They don’t want you to know that the whistleblower was on the Brennan team. He’s tied to the people who falsely got on a warrant against Carter Page 4 times. They don’t want you to know that he’s tied to the group that set up counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign in 2016.”

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