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Lindsey Graham Suggests Don Jr. Take the 5th Due to ‘Criminal Liability Exposure’

Lindsey Graham Suggests Don Jr. Take the 5th Due to ‘Criminal Liability Exposure’

Despite insulting Donald Trump during the Republican nomination process, Lindsay Graham has become a strong supporter of the president. That support seemingly extends to the Trump family as well, with the South Carolina Senator now encouraging Donald Trump Jr. to ignore a congressional subpoena.

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CNN’s Manu Raju asked Graham about the advice he had given to the President’s son. According to the Senator, Trump Jr. should avoid testifying in order to keep from exposing himself to criminal liability

Graham told Raju, “If I were his lawyer I wouldn’t put him back into this circus. All of this in this business should be very wary of stepping into the prosecutor’s role.”

He continued, “There is criminal liability exposure to people who have voluntarily submitted themselves to multiple investigations. I’m afraid we are beginning to prosecute ourselves for political reasons.”

Republicans may be worried about the possibility that Trump Jr. might incriminate himself. There are questions about the President’s son that arose during the Michael Cohen hearings. Trump Jr. had previously told the Judiciary Committee that he was barely aware of the Trump Tower Moscow project. Cohen refuted this, saying that he had briefed both Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. about the project on multiple occasions.

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Graham also took the opportunity to talk about Rudy Giuliani and his now cancelled trip to Ukraine. Giuliani was expected to urge the Ukrainian government to take a closer look at a case involving Joe Biden’s son. Graham told Raju, “he was not a big fan,” of encouraging the country to dig up dirt on political opponents.

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