Lindsey Graham, Of All People, Criticize Justice Samuel Alito

While he has always been a Republican, Lindsey Graham was once considered a thoughtful lawmaker. He had a famous friendship with Joe Biden and John McCain. When Donald Trump came around, most of Graham's principles went out the window, and he became a loyalist to the 45th President. 

Still, there are times when Graham gets the itch to speak out when he sees something that is clearly wrong. And the latest example of that is the South Carolina lawmaker commenting on Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito's choice to fly a flag upside down before and after the January 6th insurrection. 

CNN's Manu Raju reports that Graham spoke about Alito and some of the excuses that he made for the flag. Alito had said that the flag was hung because another neighbor had bothered him. "Emotions are apparently high in that neighborhood," said Graham, "but it's not good judgment to do that.'

Like many Conservatives who get into trouble, Alito immediately blamed the issue on his wife so that she could take the blame. Graham wasn't buying it. "He said his wife was insulted and got mad. I assume that to be true, but you are still a Supreme Court justice. People have to realize that moments like that, to think it through."

It is hard to believe how Republicans may have reacted if a left-leaning Justice was to do what Alito did. Other than Graham, though, they have been largely silent on this issue.