Lindsey Graham Heckler In Viral Airport Video Is Former Republican Candidate

In a viral video, critics shout at Senator Lindsey Graham in an airport, calling him a traitor. Now the identity of one of those public critics has been revealed — she’s a Republican who ran for U.S. House of Representatives for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District.

Republican heckles Lindsey Graham
[Screenshot via YouTube/Mindy Robinson]

Mindy Robinson, who received a little more than 13% of the votes in the Republican primary for her Congressional District, described herself, according to Ballotpedia, as having fled to Southern Nevada due to California’s liberal politics, “only to watch this beautiful business-friendly, gun-friendly, tax-friendly state turn blue due to corruption, do-nothing politicians, and voter fraud.”

Now, with her lost primary only half a year in the past, she can be seen putting her history and political science degrees to work in an airport, joining a crowd of hecklers to shout at Lindsey Graham for reversing course and choosing not to contest electoral votes in the 2020 Presidential Election, after a mob of like-minded supporters of Donald Trump carried out a siege on the Capitol building, destroying, stealing, and breaking into private offices.

MSN identifies Robinson as the person who can be heard warning Graham that he’ll never be forgiven for refusing to support Trump’s lost cause. “It’s going to be like this forever, wherever you go!”

She compared Graham’s reversal on the political theater of contesting votes despite no chance of overturning the election to punching an elderly person. “Think about it, if I do something awful like I punch an old lady in the face, people should yell at me for that. There are consequences when you do really awful things.”

Robinson also has the unusual distinction of having hosted a brief series of YouTube videos under the title “Red, White, and F You.”

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