Lindsey Graham Debuts New Trumpian Dye Job

The Twitter world is having a field day with Sen. Lindsey Graham’s new dye job. The new hair color looks strangely similar to President Donald Trump’s. The Senator’s new hairdo was first seen when he appeared at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday. One commenter, Rick Wilson, said, “OH MY GOD. Lindsay dyed his hair to look like Trump.” He added, “CANNOT UNSEE.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham has been one of Trump’s most loyal supporters within the Republican Party. He was accused of flip-flopping after first being a never Trumper back before Trump won the election. Graham has since agreed with Trump on almost everything. Although Graham has dissented from Trump on some occasions it is actually rare. This appears to the most sarcastic of critics as the ultimate of loyalty statements from the NC Senator.

Graham’s purpose that day had intended to focus on former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and the Russian election interference of 2016, but no one in the room seemed to be able to focus on anything but Lindsey’s new hairstyle. Some Americans have even speculated that Trump may have dirt on the senator and is blackmailing him for support. Either way, Graham has become the butt of internet jokes for trying to look like Trump, and Trump is sure to be flattered.

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