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Lindsey Graham Comes Out in Support of Trump’s Proposed Turkey Sanctions

Lindsey Graham Comes Out in Support of Trump’s Proposed Turkey Sanctions

Multiple lawmakers on both sides of the aisle were dismayed by Donald Trump’s decision to move troops out of Northern Syria. Perhaps none were angrier than Lindsey Graham, who raged as Turkish forces moved in to attack the United States’ Kurdish allies.

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Trump spoke to the South Carolina senator this weekend in an effort to assuage his fears and tamp down his criticism. The talk seems to have been successful as Graham has now come out in support of Trump’s solution of sanctions against Turkey.

Graham uncharacteristically blasted Trump last week as Turkey began to bomb the Kurds. He tweeted on Wednesday, “Pray for our Kurdish allies who have been shamelessly abandoned by the Trump Administration. This move ensures the reemergence of ISIS.”

Despite last weeks anger, Graham seems content to impose sanctions against Turkey as a punishment. The senator wrote yesterday morning, “Good decision by President Donald Trump to work with Congress to impose crippling sanctions against Turkeys outrageous aggression/war crimes in Syria.”

The lawmaker then wrote, “Just spoke with President Donald Trump. I applaud his decision to work with Congress to stop Turkeys aggression in Syria through crippling economic sanctions. This decision by President Trump will be a game changer — in all the wrong ways — for Turkey.”

Graham wagered that these sanctions would help to prevent the return of ISIS. “It is imperative that we stop the bloodshed and stabilize northeastern Syria to prevent the reemergence of ISIS and the rise of Iran,” wrote the South Carolina senator.

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