Lindsey Graham Calls Opponent’s Fundraising Record Shattering; Campaign Emergency

In emails to potential supporters, Lindsey Graham has called his opponent Jaime Harrison’s fundraising “record-shattering,” and cited Harrison campaign polls showing Graham trailing. As he continues to beg for financial support, he’s declared a funding emergency.

Lindsey Graham begs you
[Photo by Susan Walsh-Pool/Getty Images]

In an email to supporters Friday night, Graham complained and begged, saying that Harrison’s “record-shattering” fundraising is “the largest quarterly haul in Senate race history.”

Fellow American, we knew this would be a tough year – with twice as many Republicans up for re-election as Democrats, but the massive liberal fundraising push is making it even tougher!

Please help us close the gap.

Lindsey Graham admits opponent is record breaking
[Screenshot from Lindsey Graham fundraising email]

The apparent desperation in the Graham camp was even more apparent when this was followed Saturday morning with another email pleading for supporters to give to an emergency campaign fund.

Fellow American – Jaime Harrison’s campaign just released their latest internal polling – showing Senator Graham behind his liberal opponent by 2%.

It could be the $57 million Jaime Harrison has raised in the last three months – or the $60 million he’s spent to attack Senator Graham, but this poll clearly suggests the race is CLOSE.

Lindsey Graham getting desperate
[Screenshot from Lindsey Graham fundraising email]

His Emergency Response Fund page returns to his complaint from his debate with Jaime Harrison — “They hate me.”

The Left hates Lindsey Graham so much that they are spending millions to defeat him on November 3rd…

Five-Thirty-Eight‘s poll tracker shows the most recent poll, released Friday, reflecting exactly what Graham’s funding plea says: Harrison ahead, 47 to 45%. The lead has seesawed back and forth over the last several polls, staying consistently tight.

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