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Lincoln Project Says ‘Fox News Is Helping Kill Americans’ in Savage New Ad

Lincoln Project Says ‘Fox News Is Helping Kill Americans’ in Savage New Ad

A new ad spot released by the Lincoln Project is taking aim at Fox News and its confederacy of dishonest right-wing pundits for spreading false and menacing misinformation about the efficacy and safety of COVID-19 vaccines.


The one-minute video clip, which was posted to Twitter on Thursday morning, contains a montage of instances of Fox News personalities such as Tucker Carlson, Ainsley Earhardt, Laura Ingraham, Pete Hegseth, and Brian Kilmeade lying to their viewers, and correctly points out their hypocrisy when it comes to vaccines.

The ad specifically mentions that Newscorp CEO Rupert Murdoch has been vaccinated and that some of the individuals listed above have refused to reveal their own vaccination status, suggesting that they are living a double-standard for the sole purpose of misleading the American people.

“Is Rupert Murdoch trying to kill Americans? His network is the leading voice against COVID vaccination,” the voiceover begins.

“The Americans who are dying from COVID are almost all not vaccinated. Rupert Murdoch was vaccinated. Does anyone really think Tucker Carlson isn’t vaccinated? But Murdoch’s Fox News continues to put Americans at risk by pushing anti-vax hysteria,” it continues.

“It’s dangerous. Immoral. Fox News is helping kill Americans,” the ad concludes. “Call your local television provider and tell them to drop Fox News. It’s not about politics. It’s about life and death.”

Watch below:

Following the initial airing, when the Lincoln Project learned that Comcast was refusing to show the spot, it tore into the cable giant for being complicit in Fox News’s deadly disinformation game.

“The Lincoln Project was informed by Comcast that they would refuse to run the commercial because it did not meet their guidelines,” the organization said in a statement that was obtained by The Hill. “Our criticism of Fox News falls under Comcast’s description of a business that is in the public forum or the issue is one of public concern.”

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Comcast is “one of the main sources of Fox News’ revenue,” the group alleged, adding that “Comcast has made one thing clear: Their bottom line comes before anything else; it comes before democracy; and in this case, it comes before the health and safety of the American people.”

The Lincoln Project then subsequently tweeted on Thursday afternoon that “Fox News is killing America.”

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