Lincoln Project Puts Giuliani On Notice

Rudy Giuliani’s week is ending on as bad a note as it began. On Monday, Jan. 25, Dominion Voting Systems sued the former New York City mayor and federal prosecutor for $1.3 billion for the false and defamatory statements he’s been spreading about the company since the Nov. 3 election. On Saturday The Lincoln Project, that incredibly effective and aggressive never-Trump group of former Republican political operatives, formally put Giuliani on notice that it, too, will sue him if he doesn’t retract false statements he recently made about it.

Even after being hit with a 10-figure lawsuit for lying about the voting machine manufacturing company, Giuliani this past week thought it was a good idea to tell Steve Bannon on his “War Room” show that The Lincoln Project planned the Jan. 6 insurrectionist riot at the U.S. Capitol in order to hurt then-President Donald Trump.

Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

Giuliani told Bannon that Lincoln Project associates acted as “wolves in sheep’s clothing” and were part of the mob of domestic terrorists that invaded the Capitol. When he made that claim on Bannon’s show, the host expressed doubt about the assertion but Giuliani refused to back away from it.

An attorney representing the Lincoln Project told Giuliani in a letter delivered Saturday that he had “committed a textbook act of defamation” and publicly accused The Lincoln Project of an infamous and criminal act that it had nothing to do with, as you very well know. You lied.” The letter sets a deadline of Feb. 3 for him to fully retract the false and defamatory statements he made about the group and its members and publicly apologize. “Refuse at your peril,” the letter says.

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