Lincoln Project Mocks Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Over Botched Response to Vaccine Question

Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin had an opportunity during Tuesday night’s debate to reaffirm his position on COVID-19 vaccines. Instead, he delivered a disjointed response and encouraged people to “do their own research.”

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Youngkin was asked by moderator Chuck Todd to clarify whether or not he supports mandates for vaccines against other illnesses such as mumps, rubella, and measles.

“I think, I think that the — the — that the, uh, uh… data associated with those vaccines is something we should absolutely understand the difference between this vaccine. And we have a moment here. We have a moment here to help people understand the real information in this vaccine,” Youngkin said.

“I’ve gotten the vaccine; my family has gotten the vaccine. It’s the best way for people to keep themselves safe. And I in fact have asked everyone in Virginia to please get the vaccine. But I don’t think we should mandate it,” Youngkin eventually added.

The “real information” has been readily available for months and shows that COVID-19 vaccines are unequivocally safe and effective at preventing severe illness, hospitalizations, and death. But that is not what the GOP’s heavily conspiratorial base wants to hear.

On Wednesday, the Lincoln Project released a new ad mocking Youngkin for not only failing to answer the question but also for suggesting that inoculations against the coronavirus are unproven and unsafe, despite more than two billion doses having been successfully administered worldwide.

“Come on, Glenn. Just remember what they told you to say,” the caption reads. “Come on, Virginia. We can do better.”

Watch below:

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