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Lincoln Project Mocks Josh Mandel for Comparing Vaccine Mandates to the Gestapo

Lincoln Project Mocks Josh Mandel for Comparing Vaccine Mandates to the Gestapo

The Lincoln Project released a new ad on Friday afternoon hammered twice-failed Republican United States Senate candidate and former Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel after he compared President Joe Biden’s employer vaccine mandate with the Nazi Gestapo.


Mandel, perhaps unaware that the Supreme Court has upheld vaccine mandates in the past, stated the following while standing in front of a defunct sign from Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential reelection campaign on the side of a highway in the middle of the night:

Hey guys. It’s Thursday night September 9th. I’m driving through western Ohio. We’re driving through a cornfield near a town called Logansville, Ohio. My blood is boiling enraged at what I’ve seen from the White House today, trampling on our freedom, trampling on our liberty, trampling on what I took an oath to defend when I joined the Marine Corps.

Joe Biden — I’m not even going to call him President Biden, he’s not — Joe Biden is creating a constitutional crisis. As I was driving through this cornfield, I literally came across this sign, this Trump sign. He is my president. And I am hoping and praying that the Supreme Court justices that he appointed to the US Supreme Court will do the right thing and stand up for the Constitution, stand up for our freedom, stand up for our liberty. And if they don’t, I call on my fellow Americans, do not comply. Do not comply with the tyranny. And when the Gestapo show up at your front door, you know what to do.

In response, the anti-Trump group retweeted a shortened version of Mandel’s video with captions mocking his supposed aversion to vaccines:

I’m vaccinated. Seriously, I’m vaccinated. Both shots. Getting a booster, too. So is my family. All of them. People really hate me. Like, everywhere. Only JD Vance has a more punchable face than me. I’ll campaign on a stack of dead bodies to win. Tyranny, LOL. Gestapo? I can’t believe you’re buying this. Are people buying this?

Watch below:

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