Lincoln Project Asked For Names For Trump’s New Social Media Site — Twitter Did Not Disappoint

Donald Trump has reportedly floated the idea of creating his own social media site after being kicked off of virtually every network that already exists. What will he call it?

[Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images]

Naturally, the suggestion that the former president might start a social network of his own led to plenty of speculation. Would such a site have any of the rules that are expected on social media, such as regulations against bullying or harassment, or about racism or incitement of violence? Would the site end up, like Parler, fighting to stay up because of a hosting company insisting that it agree to enforce some basic rules?

Then there was the question from the Lincoln Project: what exactly would Donald Trump name a social media site?

It seems that everyone had some ideas.

George Conway — part of the Lincoln Project himself and an anti-Trump Republican — suggested a name reflecting on the ex-president’s ego.

Many others chimed in with similar ideas, playing off of currently extant social media sites and observations about Trump’s personality, connection to Q-Anon conspiracy theories, and potential repercussions for criminal activity, as well as references to various specific incidents throughout the Trump presidency.

Then, of course, there was the reminder that Dominion Voting Systems is currently suing various individuals connected to Trump for their public statements falsely accusing the company of election fraud.

Dominion has not, at this time, opened a lawsuit against Donald Trump, and certainly not against a hypothetical social media company that doesn’t even exist yet, but if such a site became a vehicle for further disinformation and defamation against the company, it could certainly be a short time from Grand Opening to the first defamation case.

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