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Lin Wood’s Lawsuit Is Dismissed; He Calls For A Mass Complaint Campaign Against Judge

Lin Wood’s Lawsuit Is Dismissed; He Calls For A Mass Complaint Campaign Against Judge

Lin Wood has lost in court again, and he’s calling for retaliation by his supporters against a list of perceived enemies, including the judge.

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Law & Crime covered the legal case here. The very condensed version is that Wood has been pushing conspiracy theories about the 2020 election, and the Georgia State Bar has some concerns. They’re asking Wood to submit to a mental health evaluation, and he is fighting it.

He filed a lawsuit to avoid having to face the State Bar’s requirement, but that was dismissed with U.S. District Judge Timothy Batten finding that the court shouldn’t interfere with a State Bar investigation in early stages, and that there’s no evidence the Bar brought the complaint in bad faith, but rather that they had “ample evidence” to proceed.

On his Telegram page Wood lashed out in a series of long, rambling posts. The first accuses the Judge of bias, noting that Judge Batten had also heard some of the election cases. A screenshot showing the full post is below, but the gist of it is that he “called it” from day one, knowing that Batten would dismiss the case, attempting to have Batten removed from the case, and subpoenaing the Judge as a witness, and that he plans to appeal and believes if his appeal fails, it’s evidence that the judges are dishonest.

[Screenshot via Lin Wood/Telegram]

That wasn’t the end, though. Wood, who has already been criticized for calling on the public to harass his son, as reported by the Daily Dot, and to dig up dirt on State Bar members, he’s now calling for similar mass action against Judge Batten and others.

In his second post about this dismissal, Wood declares that anyone can file a complaint about the actions of a Judge or State Bar member, even if they’ve not appeared as litigant or client themselves. Painting it as a case of getting rid of ‘corruption,’ Wood assures his fans that the State Bar really wants them to file frivolous complaints based on his loss.

“The State Bar actually wants you to file such complaints as it has a legal duty where appropriate, to clean out corrupt, unethical, and/or dishonest lawyers and judges.

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We The People can help clean up the State Bar of Georgia!”

[Screenshot via Lin Wood/Telegram]

He even provided his 845k+ Telegram followers with a link — although, he may have erred, since the link he provided is actually specifically for filing a complaint about a lawyer, and not a Judge.

However, it does seem to be part of a pattern, since it’s not his first time asking his mass of fans to make contact or file complaints about someone who he feels has slighted him.

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