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Lin Wood Throws John Pierce Under The Bus On Kyle Rittenhouse Financial Allegations

Lin Wood Throws John Pierce Under The Bus On Kyle Rittenhouse Financial Allegations

The family of accused shooter Kyle Rittenhouse has made a list of allegations against John Pierce, the attorney who, despite his own troubled financial situation, handled a donation fund for Rittenhouse’s defense. Now his fellow attorney and conspiracy theorist Lin Wood is jumping in to support these allegations.

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Rittenhouse’s family says that Pierce saw the teenaged shooter, charged with murder in the deaths of two Black Lives Matter activists, as a convenient cash generator, and have alleged that he tried to set up Kyle’s donated bail money to eventually make it into his hands.

Lin Wood says much the same.

Now, you’re about to see a lot of screenshots from Wood’s Telegram page, and unfortunately they ramble into conspiracy theories, victim complex, and side trips, but we’ll try to pare them down to salient information.

First, Lin Wood is defending #FightBack, the fund created to defend Kyle Rittenhouse and others that the right sets up as heroes or martyrs. He says that #FightBack has done no wrong, and shouldn’t be held responsible for the behavior of John Pierce, or another individual, David Hancock, who Law&Crime identifies as former executive director of #FightBack.

[Screenshot via Lin Wood/Telegram]

Now note that Wood’s main purpose here is distancing himself and the Fight Back fund from any wrongdoing, so some of this focuses on #FightBack ceasing fundraising after Rittenhouse’s bail was paid, and part on Wood agreeing that Rittenhouse was safer in custody — but along the way, he drops these tidbits:

…the foundation was loaned $$150,000 by Ricky Schroeder…
…John Pierce informed #Fightback that he (and it appears David Hancock) were taking over all fundraising for Kyle’s legal defense…
…I did not disagree [with keeping Kyle in custody for safety] due to social media threats being made against him but ALL decisions were the responsibility of the criminal defense team headed by John Pierce.

[Screenshot via Lin Wood/Telegram]

These seem to confirm a number of things that Pierce has refused to answer: first, that the money from Ricky Schroeder, touted as a massive donation, was indeed only to be a loan; second, that Pierce (according to Wood, anyway) pushed to retake control of the donations after stepping down over his own financial issues; and finally, that Pierce did push to keep Kyle locked up — something the family has speculated was intended to keep donations rolling in.

Here’s the next one, and again, it’s a lot but we can pare it down to some important points:

First, Wood makes an allegation against David Hancock, claiming that Hancock is wanted for hacking #FightBack’s computers and stealing a donor list, reiterates that the Schroder money was a loan, and again reiterates that Pierce was working to get control of the donations.

He specifically alleges that Pierce had #FightBack wire the bail money to his office so he could cut a registered check — which explains the question of the bail check coming from Pierce’s office, after #FightBack had been fundraising.

[Screenshot via Lin Wood/Telegram]

In fact, according to Wood, Pierce diverting those funds through his office gave him an opportunity to try to cash in when (if) the bail was eventually returned.

[Screenshot via Lin Wood/Telegram]

That’s the same allegation the Rittenhouse family made — that Pierce tried to finagle money donated for the accused murderer’s bail.

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Wood goes on in further posts, but they amount to saying that he made a mistake by ever trusting John Pierce or David Hancock, throwing out that Hancock is now running the FreeKyleUSA donation fund, expressing pride in the right-wing activism of #FightBack, and disavowing actions by Pierce and Hancock firmly.

Meanwhile, Pierce released a vague tweet that seemed to suggest some unnamed former client was attacking him, and that they could expect retribution, perhaps in the form of waiver of attorney/client privilege, if it keeps up.

He didn’t name names, but the Rittenhouse family stands out as the former clients that have been publicly criticizing his behavior lately.

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