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Lin Wood Tells Crowd Military Backs Trump, “We The People Must Act” To Take Country Back

Lin Wood Tells Crowd Military Backs Trump, “We The People Must Act” To Take Country Back

Lin Wood, the attorney who insists that Donald Trump is still the president, is currently campaigning for Kandiss Taylor, who hopes to be elected as the next Governor of Georgia. In a speech to voters, however, he didn’t stick to explaining why Taylor would be the right choice for like-minded voters. Instead, he delved into conspiracy theories and a call to action.

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Wood invoked the Capitol insurrection defendants, who he described as “political prisoners” who were denied their right to peaceably assemble, reiterated the conspiracy theory that Joe Biden isn’t actually in the White House at all, and called the audience to action, saying, “We the people are not going to be denied our duly elected president!”

Along with the call for action, he assured the assembled voters that the military supports Donald Trump, appearing to suggest that the U.S. Military would be supportive of action to put him back in office after his loss.

“We the people tell government who’s going to serve,” Wood said, while continuing to deny that the voters in the 2020 election did exactly that, and didn’t choose Trump.

He goes on to spit conspiracy theories about the Rothschild family and banks, the American Medical Association, Bill Gates, COVID-19 (which he says was patented and invented), the CIA (which Wood says has no legal right to operate in the U.S.) and even Biden’s inauguration, which he indicates was fake because it was “on a sunny day when it was really cloudy with snow flurries.” That’s not enough — he keeps it up with masks, Dominion Voting Machines, and more, popping off more than a dozen conspiracy theories in minutes.

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“[Trump] can’t do it by himself,” Wood says, returning to the central conspiracy theory. “We’ve all got a role to play.”

He suggested that God wants the American people to help with such tasks as electing Kandiss Taylor and restoring Trump to office, and says things will go badly for those who don’t. The full video of Wood’s speech is below.

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