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Lin Wood Says Georgia Republicans Won’t Vote In Senate Race

Lin Wood Says Georgia Republicans Won’t Vote In Senate Race

Lin Wood: Georgia Republicans won't vote in January.

Lin Wood, conspiracy theorist, Trump supporter, and former attorney for Kyle Rittenhouse, now says that because Donald Trump lost Georgia, voters in the state are not going to turn out for the Senate elections in January.

Lin Wood: Georgia Republicans won't vote in January.
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Charles Bethea, after interviewing Lin Wood for New Yorker, shared a claim the attorney made during their talk. Wood apparently believes that masses — “hundreds of thousands” — of Georgia Republicans are so disgusted with the election outcome, and so mired in the distrust that Trump has sown (that Wood himself has helped spread) that they will refuse to cast ballots in January.


Lin Wood isn’t just predicting this, though — he’s actively promoting it. He doesn’t offer any evidence that he’s seen ‘hundreds of thousands’ of Georgia Republicans agreeing with him and promising to boycott the Senate elections.

Back in November, Wood began his vendetta against Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue, declaring that he wouldn’t vote for them unless they helped overturn the election results in Donald Trump’s favor.


They haven’t done that. Georgia has certified its election results, the lawsuit Wood filed in an attempt to change the outcome has failed, and Joe Biden receives Georgia’s electoral votes.

Daily Beast reported last week that Wood was rallying Republicans to boycott the Georgia elections, and GOP leadership is reportedly concerned that it could work, and after losing the presidency, they could also lose the Senate.

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He’s been warning Loeffler and Purdue that they are going to “be fiddled out of [Georgia] for fiddling around with the devil,” and said they can credit or “blame” him for their loss.



It’s not really clear how many Georgia Republican voters Wood is influencing, and how many will really skip the January elections. However, with Trump out of office, if his supporters stay home in protest, Joe Biden could take office with control of the Senate and the House.

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