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Lin Wood Responds To Kyle Rittenhouse’s Plans To Sue Him

Lin Wood Responds To Kyle Rittenhouse’s Plans To Sue Him

Kyle Rittenhouse has been making a tour of conservative media, letting the world know what he thinks on subjects including his trial, the Black Lives Matter movement, and his former attorneys — who don’t rate highly on his list. In fact, he’s blamed some of his former attorneys for getting him in trouble by posing him with Proud Boys, and his family is pretty upset over some financial issues they’ve pinned on his former attorneys, too.

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In fact, according to Kenosha News, Rittenhouse, who turned 18 during the time between the shootings and his trial, in which he was found not guilty, is considering a spate of lawsuits, alleging that various media personalities slandered or libeled him by describing the crimes he was accused of, and in some cases opining on his guilt.

It’s not just the media he’s taking aim at though — his former attorneys Lin Wood and John Pierce are also on the list. Kyle and his family assert that the pair inserted themselves into the case only to exploit him for their own financial gain, and it’s true that there were questions from the very beginning about their connection to a donation fund being collected for his legal costs.

Lin Wood has now responded to the threat of legal action in a rambling, defensive Telegram post, in which he blames the so-called “deep state,” as well as David Hancock (referred to as “Fraudcock” in Wood’s post), who has been speaking publicly on the family’s behalf. He also makes references to his Fight Back organization, through which money was raised for Rittenhouse’s defense.

I heard tonight that Kyle Rittenhouse plans to sue me. What is the basis for his claim?

Kyle says I am a liar. What lies have I told about him?

Kyle said I stole money from him? What money and when?

I only spoke to Kyle twice by phone. Once for 3-4 minutes when he was in juvenile detention in Illinois. He thanked me for the efforts of #FightBack, said he was comfortable and being treated well, and that he was reading his Bible.

I spoke to him again for 2-3 minutes right after he was freed on the $2M bail posted by #FightBack. He was again very polite and thankful for the efforts of #FightBack.

That’s it.

I have never uttered a disparaging word about this young boy. I have asked several times that you pray for him and his mother, Wendy.

The idea that I or #FightBack stole money from him is errant nonsense. #FightBack has meticulous records to prove these accusations are blatant lies. The records have been made public. We have nothing to hide.

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Something is off here. Kyle’s media tour makes no sense. His false attacks are only backfiring against

This is a Deep State operation (think Fraudcock). I pray that Kyle is not knowingly a part of it.

I am not sure any of us know who this young boy really is but he and his mother still need our prayers.

In time, TRUTH will prevail over lies and every lie will be revealed.

Thank you for your continued support of me and the mission of #FightBack.

According to News Nation Now, there has been robust debate between sides about who should get control of the money — $2 million — that was raised to bail Rittenhouse out before his trial, with Wood insisting that it reverts to his Fight Back campaign, though he suggested he’d be amenable to helping Rittenhouse cover some outstanding legal bills.

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