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Lin Wood Lashes Out At Justice John Roberts With Unsupported Claims

Lin Wood Lashes Out At Justice John Roberts With Unsupported Claims

Lin Wood claims John Roberts called Trump profane name and hung out with Jeff Epstein

Attorney Lin Wood is fully on the Trump Train when it comes to the election outcome. He’s still denying that Joe Biden won, and lashing out at those who don’t conspire to help keep Trump in office, including Georgia election officials and now, the Supreme Court.

Lin Wood claims John Roberts called Trump profane name and hung out with Jeff Epstein
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On the Supreme Court, Wood’s attention has particularly landed on Chief Justice John Roberts. Wood is making a series of bizarre and unsupported claims about Roberts on his social media accounts, some of which could venture into the territory of libel.

Wood’s speculation about a link between Justice Roberts and the late Jeffrey Epstein, who died in prison awaiting trial for sex trafficking charges, is clearly stated as opinions and guesses. He has speculated before that the “John Roberts” listed on Epstein’s flight logs, could be the Chief Justice (though always in the context of a claim of bias against Donald Trump, who Q-Anon believers claim is taking down pedophiles, despite his own association with Epstein, and the sexual assault charges against Trump himself).



Roberts has neither denied nor confirmed this, but two important points to note are that Roberts’ first and last names are both quite common and that a lot of powerful people are on those flight logs without necessarily being implicated in any crimes. Neither of these facts is an exoneration in and of itself — but a name on a list is far from a conviction, too. The flight in question also did not go to Epstein’s private island that has been associated with sex trafficking and is commonly known as “pedophile island” — it just went from Florida to New Jersey.

However, Woods’ new claim goes deeper, and he’s claiming to have evidence, though he’s not sharing it with the world. He says that there is a phone call documented in which Chief Justice Roberts calls Donald Trump a “motherf***er” and schemes to keep him from winning a second term.


However, despite claiming to have documentation, Wood also admits that he can’t confirm the date of the call — suggesting that if he truly has any evidence, it at a minimum hasn’t seen any valid chain of custody, which would have preserved such details.

He also says he has placed this evidence in the hands of a third party — an odd choice, when he could have released the recording, if there is one, publicly, or turned it over to law enforcement, if he believes it is evidence of a crime.

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Notably, holding a strong opinion on a political candidate is not a crime, and Wood does not allege that anything in the alleged conversation suggests Roberts would use his position to keep Trump out of office.

As Law & Crime points out, Roberts also doesn’t bear the full responsibility for the Supreme Court refusing to hear Trump’s Texas case — the entire court refused to hear the case.


Wood is demanding that Roberts — who has no obligation to answer to a random attorney on Twitter — respond to questions about the Epstein flight logs and the alleged phone call.

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