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Lin Wood Is Demanding A $375k Refund From Trump Victory Fund

Lin Wood Is Demanding A $375k Refund From Trump Victory Fund

Donors are questioning the Trump Victory Fund, after they thought the money they forked over would help overturn the 2020 election, to no avail. Now they’re wondering how their money was used — and attorney Lin Wood is among those asking for a refund.

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Wood posted on his Telegram page Tuesday, sharing a letter addressed to the Republican National Committee and to the Trump Victory fund.. In the missive, he says he’s contacted multiple members of the GOP finance department and can’t get any answers, but he believes he was misled about how his donation would be spent, and he wants a refund to the tune of $375,000.

You can see the full letter below, with Wood’s personal contact information redacted.

[Image via Lin Wood/Telegram]

I have sent multiple emails to various members of the GOP finance department regarding my 2020 contribution to Trump Victory but have not received the courtesy of a response. I believe my donation was solicited with misrepresentations and I request a full accounting of how the funds were spent and a refund of my $375,000.00 contribution to Trump Victory.

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The Daily Beast reported in June that state GOPs were unable to explain millions of dollars of discrepancies in reporting of fundraising and spending, including failures to report that they had joined Trump Victory.
Meanwhile, according to the Washington Post, Trump’s Save America PAC took in about $75 million in the first half of the year, but stockpiled the money instead of spending it on ballot reviews as donors expected.

Small wonder, then, that even some of his most ardent supporters are starting to question what happened to their money.

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