Lin Wood Cashes In On ‘Crazy’ With New T-Shirt Depicting His Opponent Getting “Whacked” With Hammer

Lin Wood, now running for South Carolina GOP chair, says his opponent, incumbent Drew McKissick, called his (Wood’s) supporters “whackadoodlers.” Now he’s crediting McKissick for giving him the idea for a new t-shirt logo: a hammer ‘whacking’ McKissick in the head.

[Photo by Eric Thayer/Getty Images]

On his Telegram page, Wood shared a photo of McKissick, declaring, “The RINO pictured below called my supporters Whackadoodlers,” and asking if he was really who South Carolina Republicans wanted to represent their party.

[Screenshot via Lin Wood/Telegram]

McKissick has the endorsement of Donald Trump. Wood, meanwhile, has made himself a household name with his rants about election fraud, as well as his bizarre claims about a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States as one of the masterminds of a pedophile ring — which he has spun up as the reason SCOTUS refused to hear some of Trump’s election cases.

Now Wood has new t-shirts up on his Fight Back website, including the one below. Yes, that’s Drew McKissick, with a hammer or gavel apparently descending to “whack” him in the head, with the words “whack-a-doodle for Wood” underneath. Also, mousing over the design on the shop page provides the information that the image title is, in part, “WHACK-BACK.”

[Screenshot via Fight Back/Lin Wood]

Wood declared on his Telegram page that McKissick is afraid of these “whackadoodler” supporters — and that he “should be,” because they will “whacko Drew out of office.”

[Screenshot via Lin Wood/Telegram]

There’s another design that also plays off McKissick’s reported mockery of Wood and his supporters, but simply with the words “Whackadoodlers for Wood 2021” on an American flag background — no direct reference to the incumbent, and no hammers hanging over any heads.

[Screenshot via Fight Back/Lin Wood]

Wood has drawn attention before for his attacks on those who oppose him, sich as asking his supporters to dig up dirt on members of the Georgia State Bar’s Disciplinary Board, after they requested he get a mental health evaluation.

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