Lin Wood Calls “Army Of Patriots” To Gather Dirt On Georgia State Bar Disciplinary Board Members

Attorney Lin Wood, facing a complaint from the Georgia State Bar, is indeed fighting back — by publishing the addresses of members and asking his fans to gather dirt on them all.

Lin Wood doxing
(Photo by Eric Thayer/Getty Images)

Wood announced on his Telegram page this weekend that his Fight Back fund would be taking donations to help him challenge an effort by the State Bar of Georgia for “violate[ing] one or more of the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct.” In addition to seeking donations, he’s also seeking information — he says.

[Screenshot via Li Wood/Telegram]

As you can see in the screenshot above, Wood declared that he would share a “list of members” and that he’s allowed to “challenge the competency, qualifications or objectivity of any member of the State Disciplinary Board” but needs help gathering information.

He asks for his followers to monitor the social media posts, political affiliations, and professional activity of these members in order to find anything that would show a bias. However, the information he provided was physical addresses.

The identity information has all been redacted in the following screenshot, but you can see that a handful of the addresses are Post Office boxes, and the rest are street addresses.

Lin Wood shares addresses
[Screenshot via Li Wood/Telegram]

Wood doesn’t ask his supporters to in any way attack, harass, or endanger these individuals — merely alerts his 795k Telegram subscribers that these folks are pursuing him in a State Bar complaint, and provides location data for them.

Lin Wood Telegram Feb 4
[Screenshot via Li Wood/Telegram]

Wood’s competency has been questioned over recent months as he has attacked the institution of elections in Georgia, accused a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of being part of a child sex trafficking ring, and continued to claim that Donald Trump will remain in office for another four years, even after President Joe Biden’s inauguration. (The post above is from February 4, 2021 — Two weeks after Biden was sworn in. Note the highlighted portion, in which Wood continues to insist Trump will be President for the next four years.)

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