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Libs Of TikTok Gets Kicked Off Instagram For Violating Community Standards [UPDATE]

Libs Of TikTok Gets Kicked Off Instagram For Violating Community Standards [UPDATE]

The Libs of TikTok account, which reposts videos curated to cast liberals in a bad light, is now defunct on at least one platform. When the account posts, its followers can be relied on to harass and attack the subjects, typically blowing the story out of proportion.

[Screenshot via Libs of TikTok/Twitter]
In fact, we reported earlier this month when the account misleadingly posted a video cut off short to imply that a parent was cut off and prevented from speaking at a school board meeting — though in fact, she had been allowed to continue and make her complaint, during which she admitted that her complaint was actually already being addressed through proper channels.

Of course, school board members were singled out and tagged in tweets following this, faced attacks and accusations, despite the gulf between the truth and the Libs of TikTok narrative.

Now, the Twitter account of Libs of TikTok is sharing a screenshot showing that their Instagram account has been banned.

Neither the notice nor Libs of TikTok states exactly what behavior earned the ban, only that it was for violating community guidelines.

Just last month, the Washington Post did a deep dive into Libs of TikTok, noting the account’s method of targeting LGBTQ accounts, and that Fox News and other right-wing outrage pits are sourcing directly from the account. It used publicly available information — including the past names on the account — to give a history of Libs of TikTok, including presence at the attack on the Capitol.

Right-wing figures claimed this was “doxxing” and their fans responded with a harassment campaign against the Washington Post reporter.

UPDATE: Several hours after this story, Instagram reinstated the account:

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