Liberty Has Named Two Prominent Trump Sycophants as University Fellows

Liberty University, plagued by scandal over the last year, is attempting to re-brand by naming Mike Huckabee and Mike Pompeo to their new class of fellows.

Mike Huckabee says dogs should be offended to be compared to Omarosa
Photo Credit: Alex Hanson via Wikimedia Commons

The Evangelical College had to deal with the fall-out from the numerous Jerry Falwell Jr. stories. The former University President and major Trump supporter was separated from Liberty after a sex scandal. The situation is ongoing as Liberty recently announced a $40 million lawsuit against the former employee.

Falwell Jr. responded to the lawsuit by tweeting, “The university I built has simply gone off the rails! Sad. Without leadership, the people perish.”

The College is moving on. They have not only made Huckabee and Pompeo fellows, they’ve also tapped extreme anti-abortion activist Abbi Johnson and anti-LGBTQ crusaders David and Jason Benham.

Right Wing Watch reports, “Mike Pompeo used his position as secretary of state to promote the religious right’s agenda at home and abroad. Pompeo is a longtime religious-right favorite who, as a member of Congress, promoted Christian Nationalism and associated with anti-Muslim activists.”

The site says of Mike Huckabee, ” The former Arkansas governor is the honorary chairman of the religious-right get-out-the-vote operation My Faith Votes, which was active in the 2020 elections. Last year, Huckabee said, “Redefining gender and sexual identity is the ‘greatest threat’ to the moral fiber of America,” and blamed the existence of transgender people on Christian churches’ failure to teach a “biblical standard of maleness and femaleness.”


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