Lev Parnas Worked For the Trump Organization in the 1980’s

This time last week, Donald Trump was feeling pretty good about his impeachment prospects. The process was moving from the Democratic controlled House over to the Republican controlled Senate. Trump loyalists like Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell promised to make the process easy for him.

Scott Heins/Getty Images

This week, however, Ukrainian Lev Parnas began telling the story of his connection to Trump and his surrogates. While the President has denied any connection to Parnas, it’s now been revealed that the Ukrainian worked for his Father Fred in the 1980’s.

On Thursday, Trump vehemently denied having any connection to Parnas. He told reporters, “I don’t know who this man is. Oftentimes I’ll be taking a picture with somebody and say, I wonder what newspaper that one will appear in. I don’t know him. Perhaps he’s a fine man. Perhaps he’s not. I know nothing about him.”

Despite the President’s comments, more connections between him and the Ukrainian continue to be revealed.

Writer Cheri Jacobus tweeted, “Lev Parnas worked for Trump’s dad, Fred Trump, back in the 1980’s — when Trump was also working for his dad.”

There are more family connections as well. Jacobus also revealed, “Lev Parnas’ son worked on the Trump campaign.”

Trump’s administration is also fighting to deny their connections to Parnas. In a Fox News interview today, Kellyanne Conway said, “Look, I have never heard the president mention this person to me ever, a single time.”

Shortly before the Fox News interview, a picture was revealed of Conway and the Ukrainian.

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