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Letter From 90 Former Security Officials: ‘We Applaud The Whistleblower’

Letter From 90 Former Security Officials: ‘We Applaud The Whistleblower’

An open letter signed by 90 former national security officials is lauding praise toward a whistleblower, who stepped forward to detail allegations that President Donald Trump pressured a foreign leader to investigate a political adversary.

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The 90 signers include a number of former officials in a “wide array of roles throughout the U.S. government,” the letter stated.

As a government official, the signers say, the whistleblower “has by law the right — and indeed the responsibility — to make known, through appropriate channels, indications of serious wrongdoing.”

“That is precisely what this whistleblower did; and we applaud the whistleblower not only for living up to that responsibility but also for using precisely the channels made available by federal law for raising such concerns,” the letter added.

The signers included a number of dignitaries, including John Brennan, a former CIA director; Chuck Hagel, a former Secretary of Defense and Republican senator; and James Clapper, a former Director of National Intelligence.

The letter went on to push the point that “responsible whistleblowers,” in general, make “all Americans safer by ensuring that serious wrongdoing can be investigated and addressed.”

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The whistleblower law is also important because it protects workers from “egregious forms of retaliation.”

“Simply put, he or she has done what our law demands; now he or she deserves our protection,” the letter concluded.

The praise from these 90 former national security experts may soon have to be amended to include others who are coming forward to address the president’s actions. Over the weekend, as detailed by HillReporter.com, a second whistleblower, with firsthand knowledge of some aspects detailed by the first whistleblower, came forward. It was announced that this second individual has already spoken with the intelligence community’s inspector general.

Attorneys for the original whistleblower also said on Sunday that “multiple” whistleblowers have contacted them, the Washington Post reported.

“I can confirm that my firm and my team represent multiple whistleblowers in connection to the underlying August 12, 2019, disclosure to the Intelligence Community Inspector General,” attorney Andrew Bakaj, one of the lawyers representing the original whistleblower, said.

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