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Leigh McGowan’s Politics Girl Podcast Rockets to Number 4 on Podcast Charts

Leigh McGowan’s Politics Girl Podcast Rockets to Number 4 on Podcast Charts

The destructive presidency of Donald Trump made a lot of people want to get more involved in politics. Leigh McGowan was one of those people.

Her Politics Girl Twitter feed became a must follow for members of the resistance. And now McGowan has released her own podcast which debuted at number 4 on the podcast charts.

A synopsis for the pod reads:

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“American Democracy is not promised to us and, with all the forces working against it, saving it will take a level of work most people aren’t ready for. The PoliticsGirl Podcast is here to give people a reason to care and a reason to fight. Our goal is to inspire. To instill in people a true understanding of what this country COULD be, if the right people were fighting for it, and what it WILL be if they don’t. It’s a political podcast yes, but more than that, it’s a podcast about America’s potential, where one passionate, and slightly mouthy, immigrant attempts to motivate the country to become what it promised to be but, so far, has yet to become. You’ll leave more knowledgeable, more engaged, and more sure that you, personally, can make a difference to the future of American democracy. Everyone’s got a little time for that right? Subscribe for new episodes every Tuesday. We’re in a fight for our country. We sure as hell better know what we’re fighting for.”

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