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Legendary Senator Carol Moseley Braun Rips ‘Race-Baiting’ Ted Cruz Over Supreme Court Comments [VIDEO]

Legendary Senator Carol Moseley Braun Rips ‘Race-Baiting’ Ted Cruz Over Supreme Court Comments [VIDEO]

In the coming weeks, Joe Biden will nominate a new judge for the Supreme Court. And the president plans to make good on his promise to appoint an African-American woman.

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Conservatives have been quick to call the process unfair and slam the decision before a candidate has been named. Unsurprisingly, Ted Cruz has been one of the loudest voices of opposition. During a Tuesday appearance on CNN, Carol Moseley Braun, the first African-American female elected to the senate, ripped into the Texas senator.

Moseley Braun told Brianna Keilar, “He’s race-baiting. This is the voice of white supremacy. Quite frankly, for him to say that we would have preferred to have Barack Obama appoint the first Black woman … Of the 1,850 senators, I was first black woman elected to the senate, and so now we have a chance to put a Black woman on the Supreme court.”

The former Illinois senator continued:

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“And the — it is not just because she’s Black. It is because she will have had a series of life experiences that will inform the decisions of the Court, in the same way, hopefully, that Thurgood Marshall was able to influence the Warren Court. So, you know, this is called progress. This is called making democracy real for people. And I just hope that we will continue and get a quick confirmation of one of the four that President Biden is considering.”

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