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Legal Scholar Norman Eisen Predicts Garland Will Soon Come For Trump

Legal Scholar Norman Eisen Predicts Garland Will Soon Come For Trump

Donald Trump has been out of office for almost a year and a half. Now that he is no longer protected from legal issues, many expected the former President would be spending plenty of time in courtrooms. It hasn’t really worked out that way.

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There has been a lot of pressure on Attorney General Merrick Garland to make a federal case against Trump. And he’s been criticized for not being more aggressive. According to legal scholar Norm Eisen, Garland will soon be coming for Trump.

Eisen told Salon.com, “Trump may be out of the White House, but Trumpery was still with us. Moreover, Trumpery might even be more dangerous now than when Trump was in office. Trumpery is running amok in the GOP. It has really conquered one of our major political parties.”

When asked about the Attorney General, the legal scholar replied:

“Garland fears no person. I’ve known him for years and he is a great American jurist and lawyer. He has said that he’s going to follow the evidence where it leads and apply the law without fear or favor. He’s going to let the chips fall where they may. I believe him. He’s very methodical. He’s very deliberate.

There’s some element of not bumping into the Jan. 6 committee’s work. There are strong norms at work here: You don’t stampede into prosecuting a president.

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Garland also needed to restore another kind of norm — and that was the norm of a properly functioning Department of Justice. He’s only a year and a half into his tenure, if even that long. He needed to get things settled down in the DOJ before he made such a momentous move. I have a lot of confidence in Merrick Garland’s decision-making.”

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