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Legal Scholar Makes a Believably Bonkers Prediction About Donald Trump’s 2024 Presidential Candidacy

Legal Scholar Makes a Believably Bonkers Prediction About Donald Trump’s 2024 Presidential Candidacy

Former President Donald Trump has not officially declared his candidacy for a second term in 2024. But with multiple investigations into his business practices and his role in the January 6th Capitol Insurrection heating up, the prospect of him successfully running a campaign or win an election while under criminal indictment or in prison is becoming extremely intriguing, especially to Jennifer Taub, a legal scholar and law professor.

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On Thursday night’s edition of The Mehdi Hasan Show on MSNBC, Taub shared an outrageous yet frighteningly plausible scenario in which Trump accomplishes the unthinkable – winning the White House while incarcerated, which the United States Constitution does not explicitly forbid.

“Donald Trump is also being investigated for financial crimes in New York” by State Attorney General Letitia James and Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance,” host Mehdi Hasan pointed out.

“Do you think that will go anywhere Do you think this country will ever put a former president behind bars in this country, if not inciting an insurrection or interfering in an election in Georgia, then for financial crimes and tax dodging, Al Capone style?” he asked Taub.

“I guess there’s two parts to that. One: do I think he’ll actually be indicted? Two: do I think he’d be convicted – three parts, actually – and three: do I finally think he’ll be put in jail? I’m more confident that he’ll actually be indicted in, more likely, Georgia, I think, than in New York, unless somebody decides to tell the truth in New York,” Taub replied, adding that [ex-Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Allen] Weisselberg “doesn’t look like that. But I’ve listened to what Michael Cohen has said and I think from his own experience he speaks about how Weisselberg sees his own children in jeopardy, maybe he will enter a guilty plea, and maybe he will cooperate.”

What Taub really fears, however, is what would happen if Trump were to defeat President Joe Biden – or whoever the Democratic Party’s nominee is should he decide to retire – in 2024.

“But as for – you know, the problem is, as you know, there’s no, as you probably know – there’s no prohibition on running for president, even if you are in jail and that would give Trump even more fire in his belly to win. And so, then he could just pardon himself and unlock the – unlock the door to the prison,” she said.

“Can you imagine that?” Hasan chuckled.

“I mean, of all the scenarios – we talk about a lot of scenarios for 2024 on this show – Jennifer, you’ve the first to come on this show and make the – put this scenario out there that Donald Trump runs from prison, wins, and pardons himself. Who knows in the crazy world we’re living in? Who knows?” exclaimed Hasan.

“You don’t wanna be in my brain. The scenarios that I have – you have no idea,” Taub joked.

“I don’t blame you. I don’t blame you,” Hasan said.

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