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Legal Experts Say Rudy Giuliani in an ‘Excruciating Legal Predicament’ as Criminal Probes Grow

Legal Experts Say Rudy Giuliani in an ‘Excruciating Legal Predicament’ as Criminal Probes Grow

Former President Donald Trump’s embattled ex-personal television lawyer Rudy Giuliani is in an “excruciating legal predicament” as the litany of federal criminal investigations into his clandestine kanoodling with foreign lobbyists continues to expand.

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Speaking with correspondent Peter Stone of Intelligencer, several legal experts explained that the former New York City mayor and United States attorney mired himself in a tangled web of misbehavior that could potentially dominate – and ruin – the rest of his life.

Stone pointed out that Giuliani has gone through an astonishing and unprecedented fall from grace.

“Giuliani is being treated, by all appearances, as a dead man walking. America’s Mayor, as he was once known, has been abandoned by his most powerful friend. He has lost his megaphone at Fox News and is now going around with a begging bowl for money. And at the center of Giuliani’s legal troubles is a web of overlapping federal investigations, including a criminal probe focusing on him personally, which some experts say could force him to yield to prosecutors in a case that may implicate the former president,” he wrote.

The experts then weighed in.

“Giuliani is facing a set of challenges unlike anything he’s dealt with before. The extremely serious criminal investigation that could send him to jail, the civil suits that could bankrupt him, the disbarment proceedings that may well end any opportunity to practice law ever again — it’s a tidal wave of problems with potentially devastating personal and professional consequences. It’s hard to think of any analogous case where a person who once rode so high — as a prosecutor, a New York mayor, a serious presidential candidate, and an international figure — has been brought so low in so many ways and where the damage has been entirely self-inflicted,” said Michael Bromwich, a former inspector general at the Justice Department.

Bromwich was not alone in his stark analysis.

“As Giuliani looks over the landscape he faces, it appears there are legal storm clouds in three separate matters, all of which could have potentially serious consequences for him,” former federal prosecutor Michael Zeldin told Stone, who noted that the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s raids on Giuliani’s Manhattan residence and office this past April indicate that he is in really, really deep trouble.

“The fact that a judge issued the warrant, despite the high bar for obtaining one, would seem to indicate that Giuliani is at least a subject of what appears to include violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act. The warrant lists a who’s who of Ukrainian officials with whom Giuliani is believed to have been working in 2019–20,” Zeldin added.

Paul Pelletier, a former acting chief of the Justice Department’s fraud section, meanwhile, highlighted the psychological and pecuniary toll these probes have on people, especially individuals who once enjoyed a substantial amount of power.

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“The emotional and financial pressure of a single long-term federal white-collar investigation can take a crippling toll on any target of such an investigation. Enduring multiple investigations, in addition to bar disciplinary actions and financial pressures, creates an enormous incentive to alleviate that pressure in some way. The only logical ways I know of are to plead guilty, cooperate, or both,” Pelletier said.

He also predicted that the FBI has the goods to prove that Giuliani broke the law.

“If past is prologue, the search warrants conducted on the phones and electronic devices of Giuliani and his associates should soon begin bearing a cornucopia of fruit,” Pelletier said. “That type of electronic evidence typically reveals compelling evidence of the criminal scheme outlined in the search-warrant affidavit. If and when that happens, the walls should close in pretty quickly on Mr. Giuliani and any identified criminal cohorts.”

The story continues via New York Magazine’s Intelligencer.

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