Legal Expert: Trump's Loss in New York Will Make it Easier for Future Juries to Convict Him

Before last week, many wondered if it was even possible for a former President to be convicted. The truth was it wasn't even close. Trump wasn't just convicted; he was found guilty on all 34 counts against him. 

While it might take some time, Trump will face trials in other cases as well. According to legal expert Norm Eisen, the fact that Trump was convicted in New York will now make it easier to find him guilty in his other cases. 

Eisen was asked if Trump's conviction will create a "permission structure" for future juries. He responded, "The news of this case and the verdict was so loud that future jurors notice it, question is, when are we going to get those cases?"

Talking about Trump's claims of immunity, Eisen explained,

"Trump's enablers on the Supreme Court should have rejected it like all the other courts did, and instead they are taking months," the expert added. "They've taken five months to consider whether a president can order political assassinations with Seal Team 6. It's outrageous. But yes, I do think it moves the Overton window - what's acceptable, what's possible. Now we know, hey, a jury can hold a president, or former president, accountable."