Legal Expert: A Trump Acquittal in Hush Money Case is 'Out of Reach' [VIDEO]

Donald Trump's New York trial is rapidly coming to an end and there are three likely possibilities. The first is that he is convicted and that seems the most likely at this point. there is also the possibility that one or more jurors hold out an a mistrial is declared. There is also the chance that Trump is acquitted by the jury. 

According to Norm Eisen, a legal expert and a former Ambassador to the Czech Republic, an acquittal isn't going to happen. He recently told CNN that an acquittal is "out of reach."

"This was a winnable case. It still is not a slam dunk, in my view, having been there every day for the prosecution," Eisen told Acosta. "I think the odds of conviction are somewhere upwards of 80 percent."

The legal expert continued, "In part because of this scattershot approach, the defense is not really gunning for an acquittal. That’s out of reach here. What they are hoping for is one angry juror."

Eisen closed his remarks by telling the CNN host, "I think, realistically, this was a case that could have been winnable by the defense if they pursued a different strategy. If they focused on the areas where Michael Cohen was not as corroborated, and they really haven’t had a focused presentation.”