Legal Analyst: Schiff Should Ask For Mistrial Before Trump is Acquitted

The American people seemingly wanted the Donald Trump impeachment process to result in a real Senate trial. Republican lawmakers made sure that would not happen, though, as they voted to prevent any witnesses from speaking about Trump’s actions.

Senate Television via Getty Images

Regardless of how many people feel about the trial, the President is nearly assured of being acquitted and describing the process as a huge win for him. Legal Analyst Glenn Kirscher says that Trump’s legal team has broken many rules. He believes that Adam Schiff should call for a mistrial over these misdeeds, rather than letting Trump spin his acquittal.

Kirscher was asked by a Twitter user, “Can we please ask the question: Is this a mistrial? We need to send this issue, as well as others (Trump’s lawyers blatantly lying) through the courts as separate charges. Otherwise, we set the precedent that anything goes if you can convince a biased jury to acquit”

The legal analyst answered, “Many have asked if the House managers can move for a mistrial. Here are my quick thoughts: I wish Schiff WOULD make a motion for a mistrial based on, among other things, the revelation of Cipollone’s grossly unethical conduct/conflicts of interest. I wouldn’t be deterred that.”



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