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Legal Analyst Renato Mariotti: Trump Should Admit to Quid Pro Quo, Ask For Mercy

Legal Analyst Renato Mariotti: Trump Should Admit to Quid Pro Quo, Ask For Mercy

Late in September, a whistleblower report revealed a troubling conversation between Donald Trump and Volodmyr Zelensky of Ukraine. The President’s legal and communications teams have attempted the blunt the seriousness of the situation in a number of different ways. The credibility of the whistleblower has been attacked. The White House has also tried to block officials from speaking to House committees.

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Writing for Politico, legal analyst Renato Mariotti feels that those steps will not help Trump to stem the fall-0ut. Mariotti argued that Trump should admit to a quid pro quo and hope for mercy from lawmakers.

The legal analyst felt the US diplomat Bill Taylor’s Tuesday testimony was incredibly damaging to the President.

Mariotti wrote, “Taylor’s detailed notes of the ‘highly irregular’ policy-making that he witnessed over the summer provide a roadmap to future testimony that could be even more harmful. Republicans have already begun to retreat from their ‘no quid pro quo’ line, but they will have to keep retreating because Taylor has almost single-handedly decimated the few witnesses who have provided some testimony that is favorable to Trump.”

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The CNN analyst then argued, “Taylor’s testimony is a roadmap that strongly suggests additional investigative steps that will undercut attempts to contradict his testimony that Trump conditioned military aid on an announcement of investigations.”

Mariotti ends the piece by advising, “If I were one of the president’s lawyers, I would counsel him to admit the obvious—essentially to plead guilty and admit this was, in fact, a quid pro quo—and try and convince Congress and the public that it is not as bad as it looks.”

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