Leaked Video Shows Marjorie Taylor Greene Telling Alabamans to Use the Second Amendment Against Vaccinators

Last month, freshman United States Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia told a room of supporters in Alabama – a state with one of the lowest COVID-19 inoculation rates in the country – to grab their guns if and when the door-to-door vaccinators dispatched by President Joe Biden show up at their homes.


Greene appeared in a leaked video that was shared with progressive YouTuber David Pakman, who posted the footage to Twitter on Tuesday.

“And one more thing on that, you lucky people here in Alabama might get a knock on your door because I hear Alabama might be the most unvaccinated state in the nation. Well, Joe Biden wants to come talk to you guys. He’s going to be sending one of his police state friends to your front door, to knock on the door, write down your name, your address, your family member’s names, your phone numbers, your cell phone numbers, probably ask for your Social Security number, and whether you’ve taken the vaccine or not,” the lawmaker said.

Greene encouraged the audience to use their “Second Amendment rights” to ward off the vaccine teams comprised of local community volunteers.

“Yeah, well, what they don’t know is that the South, we all love our Second Amendment rights. And we’re not really big on strangers showing up at our front door, are we? They might not like the welcome they get,” she said.

“Let me tell you something else that makes me sick. We have a man that no one elected. You didn’t vote for him. I didn’t vote for him. I’m not talking about Joe Biden. I’ll get to him in a minute. I’m talking about Doctor Tony Fauci,” Greene continued. “We didn’t vote for him. He makes more money in the federal government than the president of the United States. Don’t forget, President Trump never took a paycheck, everybody, right? But Joe Biden takes his paycheck.”

So does the Congresswoman, and it is her right to do so, just as it is Biden’s. But unlike Donald Trump, neither Biden nor Greene are billionaires. Regardless, Greene then repeated the conspiracy theory that Fauci engineered the coronavirus to kill humans.

“Dr. Tony Fauci funded, with your tax dollars, he funded it in the Wuhan lab, didn’t he? He funded COVID-19, the gain of function research, that is his baby, that is his experiment, and he’s getting to watch it in the real world like a live television show where he has the front-row seat. He gets to watch what happens. So this man sent your tax dollars, my tax dollars, through a third party to the Wuhan lab, where a gain of function was used to take a virus that was spread between animals and it was changed into a virus that spread between humans all over the world, has gotten people sick, and they’re dying. They died and they’re still dying,” said Greene.

In a rational world, evading a lethal virus would be a good reason to get vaccinated, however, in right-wing crazy land, there are no such ways of thinking.

Watch below via David Pakman:

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