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Leaked Texts Show January 6th Organizer Refused To Denounce Violence During Attack

Leaked Texts Show January 6th Organizer Refused To Denounce Violence During Attack

Amy Kremer, of Women for America First, was one of the primary organizers of the protests and rallies held in D.C. on January 5th and 6th. Now she’s been subpoenaed to appear before the House Select Committee investigating the attack that rose out of those protests, and newly discovered text messages show her group planning a dinner and celebration as the attack proceeded. What’s more, she was apparently contacted for a statement against violence — and refused to give it.

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Rolling Stone obtained a series of text messages between organizers of the rallies, including Kremer. There are a handful of revelations in them, including discussions of contact with Donald Trump and assurances that he was in charge and they were merely “following POTUS’ lead.”

One particular bit of information from the messages stands out, though, amongst the rest: Amy Kremer apparently (while her group celebrated with champagne as rioters continued to rampage in the Capitol Building) received messages requesting that she hold a press conference to denounce the violence. She refused.

In fact, messages show that even as Women for America First released an official statement, Kremer continued to tell others in a group chat that she didn’t see a need for any additional response to the violence, even the next day.

Meanwhile, on her Twitter account, she complained that the response to the attack was “hysteria,” calling it a “protest” and comparing it to Black Lives Matter protests over the past year.

The day before, she had tweeted to boast that Trump supporters “have taken over” highways, railways, and airways, and were “DC bound for the rally to save America!”

According to NPR, she was among the organizers subpoenaed in September to appear before the House Committee, and testify about the attack.

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