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Leaked Text Messages Show Jan 6th Coordination Between Trump and Amy Kremer’s Women For America First

Leaked Text Messages Show Jan 6th Coordination Between Trump and Amy Kremer’s Women For America First

According to texts obtained by Roling Stone, January 6th “Save America” rally organizer Amy Kremer was focusing on food instead of what was happening down the street of her hotel at the U.S. Capitol.

Kremer, the founder of Women For America First and a long-time tea party activist, made it clear in her messages that she was speaking with the White House for events that happened after Trump’s loss in November. Kremer first hosted the March for Trump bus tour that would come to Washington to protest Trump’s loss. “For those of you that weren’t aware, I have jumped off the tour for the night and am headed to DC. I have a mtg at the WH tomorrow afternoon and then will be back tomorrow night,” Kremer said in text messages to her followers. “Rest well. I’ll make sure the President knows about the tour tomorrow!”

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In another text, marked Dec. 13, 2020, Kremer told the group she was “still waiting to hear from the WH on the photo op with the bus.” She explained that she didn’t have the permits yet so they couldn’t tweet that the event would be at the Ellipse until it was confirmed. “We are following POTUS’ lead,” Kylie Jane Kremer replied. A later text message from January 3rd between right-wing militia member Dustin Stockton and Kylie again made it sound as if there was blatant coordination. She told Stockton that handling rally credentials for VIP were being organized with a “combination of us and WH.”

In the days leading up to the rally, the texts show an increasingly hyper Kremer and her daughter, Kylie Jane Kremer, at odds over Kylie’s drinking and internal sparring amongst organizers. The morning of January 5th, Kremer texted organizers, “we are about to be part of a pivotal and historic moment in our nation’s history.” At the same time, Ali Alexander was with another group that would protest at the Capitol on January 6th, and two sources who were involved in the Ellipse rally planning previously told Rolling Stone they had concerns Alexander’s event could turn violent due to his apparent ties to militia groups and its location directly outside the Capitol.” Rolling Stone explained, “Those sources claimed Alexander initially agreed he would not hold the ‘Wild Protest’ and would allow the Ellipse rally to be the only major pro-Trump event in D.C. on January 6th.” Texts obtained by Rolling Stone show tension between Alexander’s team and Kremer’s.  “Ali trying to rearrange our women for america (sic) seats,” a volunteer wrote. “Stop that sh*t,” Stockton replied.

Arguments continued within the group with Amy Kremer going so far as to scold her daughter in public on the text chain for drinking. “Kylie, you need to slow your roll on the wine RIGHT NOW,” Kremer wrote. “We have so much work to do and not enough time to get it done.”

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Rolling Stone also got access to the food order that Kremer made for the organizers who met in her in a hotel suite at the Willard Hotel. A January 6th order also included a bottle of champagne at the same time Kremer’s organization was denouncing the violence. Napa Tea Party coordinator Pam Silleman told The Uprising that she drank champagne in the Kremer suite as they watched the storming of the Capitol on television. Another organizer remembered over a dozen people in the suite with wine flowing. “She was shitfaced that night, Kylie Kremer was,” the person recalled.

Read the full profile at Rolling Stone.

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