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Leaked Letter Shows Trump Administration Planning To Create International Coalition Of Anti-Choice Nations

Leaked Letter Shows Trump Administration Planning To Create International Coalition Of Anti-Choice Nations

The administration of President Donald Trump has drafted a letter to other nations, ahead of the United Nations General Assembly, in hopes of growing a “coalition” of anti-choice countries on the topic of abortion.

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Its believed that the letter, which has been signed by key Trump officials, has already been sent to a number of other nations sympathetic to the anti-choice sympathies outlined within it.

“As a key priority in global health promotion, we respectfully request that your government join the United States in ensuring that every sovereign state has the ability to determine the best way to protect the unborn and defend the family as the foundational unity of society vital to children thriving and leading healthy lives,” the letter states, according to reporting from The Guardian.

The letter appears to have been signed by Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar as well as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. It’s purportedly going to be presented at a meeting on universal health coverage at the UN General Assembly on Monday.

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The letter opposes the promotion of UN policies that the administration has deemed to be inappropriately pro-choice in nature. For instance, it opposes “documents [that] interpret ‘comprehensive sexuality education’ and…’sexual and reproductive health and rights’ to diminish the role of parents in the most sensitive and personal family-oriented issues,” the letter stated.

The campaign includes the push to involve several ultra-conservative nations like Brazil, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. In that country in particular women’s rights, though slowly inching forward in recent years, are notoriously restrictive, Reuters has pointed out.

Foreign Policy magazine has also noted that the Trump administration rarely relies on the United Nations or gives credence to its resolutions, and that its insertion into this topic demonstrated a willingness to use the international body to promote a policy that would restrict women’s rights.

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