Leaked Kremlin Docs Show Putin Wanted “Mentally Unstable” Trump Elected To Sow “Social Turmoil”

Newly uncovered documents obtained by The Guardian have been investigated by experts and identified as leaked from the Kremlin. The former president won’t like what’s in them.

Donald Trump compromised in hack by Russia
[Photo by Kremlin Press Office / Handout/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images]

According to The Guardian‘s coverage of the documents, they support all previous evidence that Vladimir Putin made efforts to interfere in the 2016 election, and that he had a goal to place Donald Trump in the White House. The most relevant points for American Intelligence include Putin authorizing a spy operation to support Trump, using “all possible force,” and a reference to “certain events” on Trump’s trips to Moscow.

While the portion of the document detailing these “certain events” is missing, there’s plenty of room for conjecture. As Rolling Stone reported in 2018, a longstanding story is that on a visit to Russia, Trump was caught on film having Russian sex workers urinate on a hotel bed. The Mueller Report even contains a brief mention that could refer to this or other compromising recordings — just a mention of a Russian operative texting former Trump attorney Michael Cohen that he had “stopped the flow” of tapes out of Russia.

The reference to “certain events” in these documents is easily read as a reference to this or other kompromat gathered on Trump’s trips.

However, the portion of the documents that is likely to really get to Trump is that they seem to show Putin’s utter contempt for him. In fact, they show the Russian leader wanted Trump in office not because of shared ideals or business sense, but because he deemed Trump “mentally unstable” and believed his election would sow “social turmoil” in the United States.

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