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Leaked Emails Show that Stormy Daniels’ Arrest Was Pre-Planned and Police Lied

Leaked Emails Show that Stormy Daniels’ Arrest Was Pre-Planned and Police Lied

Earlier this month, Stormy Daniels, who has claimed to have had an affair with Donald Trump in 2006, was arrested while performing at a strip club in Columbus, Ohio.  Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, almost instantly claimed that the arrest was “politically motivated”.

Now it appears as though Avenatti may have been right all along.  A whistleblower has leaked emails to the Fayette Advocate showing that the arrest of Stormy Daniels was not some random event.  In fact, it appears to have potentially been a pre-planned hit job on behalf of several Columbus police officers.

While Columbus Police claim that Daniels was merely a result of a larger investigation into prostitution in the area, and that she just so happened to be a victim of the police investigating potential sex crimes at this strip club, the whistleblower sees things differently.

“It is clear that [Detective Shana] Keckley and her fellow officers were there because of Stormy and only because of Stormy,” the whistleblower told the Fayette Advocate.

This whistleblower handed over several emails, which included photos of Stormy Daniels as well as a map of where she would be working on the night of July 11th, sent between work and personal email addresses of Detective Shana Keckley.  Keckley is the officer who arrested Daniels in the early morning hours of July 12th.

“The emails definitely show that the police lied about it being a prostitution and human trafficking mission,” the whistleblower told the Advocate.

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After the arrest of Daniels, Keckley sent an email stating “I got the elements…. we arrested Stormy this morning, she is in jail.”  and then another email to a fellow officer stating, “You’re Welcome!!!!!…. Thank me in person later.”

Keckley then bragged to her husband that the story was “all over CNN”.

Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, responded to this bombshell by writing on Twitter, “This is extremely disturbing. I intend on getting to truth and the bottom of who ordered arrested and why. It appears that I was correct when I stated it was politically motivated.”

The city of Columbus says that they are looking into the matter.  The emails obtained by the Fayette Advocate can be viewed below.daniels-CPD-emails

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