Lead Florida GOP Senator Considers ‘Revisiting’ Other Vaccine Mandates Like Polio and Measles

Just a few short years ago, Florida was the ultimate swing state. National elections regularly came down to a manner of percentage points.

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That has changed dramatically over the last 2 or 3 years. In 2016 Donald Trump carried the state by 1.2%. After his 4 years of destruction, Trump won Florida by more than 3 points.

And along with Trumpism came Ron DeSantis. DeSantis has fought against all COVID-19 mitigation efforts. As a result, his state has become the Delta virus epicenter.

And now Manny Diaz Jr., the lead GOP senator in the state, wants to take the vaccine hesitancy push even farther. Diaz, who is not vaccinated against COVID, recently said that he is considering revisiting other vaccine mandates like polio and measles. According to Floridapolitics.com, “Diaz said it may be time to ‘review’ those mandates, in place for such illnesses as mumps and measles.”

The Florida lawmaker did concede that, “I think there’s a distinction when you have something that is proven to work and doesn’t have any side effects.”

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